Saturday, May 26, 2007

My Favourite Game

My favourite game of all time is known as Resident Evil 4. It is a game about a Government Agent named Leon S. Kennedy, who is sent to an undisclosed part of Europe to rescue the US president's daughter. I enjoyed playing it very much, because of its awesome story, innovative gameplay, and mind blowing graphics.

When I first got the game, I did not expect much. I had played the past Resident Evil games, and did not like them. I felt that their stories were corny, and contrived. The past games involved the massive viral outbreak caused by the fictional Umbrella Corporation, a pharmaceutical company which experimented with cures to diseases. As a result, many lives were lost as people turned into zombies craving for human flesh. Resident Evil 4 takes place after the fall of the Umbrella Corporation. Leon is first seen being driven to a remote village in Europe, and chances upon a cottage near the village. He meets an elderly man within the cottage, who appears annoyed by Leon's questions about the president's daughter. Soon, as Leon turns around to exit the cottage, the man swings an axe at him, and just barely misses. This surprising act caught Leon off guard, and he soon realizes that the village was keeping a dark secret. As a player, when I gained control of Leon, I knew I had to search for the village. When I finally found it, I saw villagers shuffling about, and burning what appeared to be human corpses. This scene in the game triggered an unusual emotion which I felt. I wanted to go into the village because I knew that that was my objective, but at the same time, I didn't want to enter the village, because I feared getting killed. At that point, I knew that this Resident Evil was going to be one hell of a ride.

After learning about the story, I started getting used to the gameplay. The previous Resident Evil games involved shooting targets from a fixed environmental perspective, and searching for puzzles. In Resident Evil 4, you control your character from an over-the-shoulder perspective, and used precision aiming instead of probability. This was a fantastic move made by the developers, as it made the game more challenging and addictive. Also, the camera angle created a sense of claustrophobia because of its rear centered nature, which enhanced the gameplay experience, instead of hindering it. This is because even if Leon was attacked from the rear, he had strong reflexes that could be activated using certain button presses. These button pressing events even took place during cutscenes, which kept players on their toes. Also, there was a wide variety of weapons, which enabled the player to blast his opponents away in dozens of styles. My favourite weapon was the SWAT shotgun. Nothing matched the satisfaction of blowing a zombie's head off.

Lastly, the graphics were a major reason why I bought the game. It plays just as well as it looks. The lighting and atmosphere is awesome, and each character model is fairly detailed. The sound provides a great horror ambience, and gunfire is just as satisfying. Overall, if you are looking for a fantastic action adventure game, I would highly recommend Resident Evil 4, because it is truly the greatest game in the Resident Evil series, and is probably one of the 100 greatest games of all time. Period.

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